how to clean dog's ear

Pet owners often get confused about ear cleaning. Even I was at that stage When I bought my first ever pet. I read enough of the grooming instruction online but was never much concerned much about the ear cleaning. A few months later, I found it is also equally important. Let’s see how to clean dog’s ears?

Pet owners often ask about the ear cleaning of the dogs. The most asked questions are – why and how to clean the dog’s ears. I, too, had this in my mind, then during one of my visits to the vet, I asked him about it, and he explained to me the importance of ear cleaning.

Here in this article, I am going to provide you with all the answers related to the dog’s ear cleaning. Let’s dive into the topic, without any further ado!

Why is it Necessary to Clean Dog’s Ear?

Just like humans, dog’s ears are also prone to infections, and this can be because of the dirt or mites. The shape of the ear canal doesn’t allow dirt to get expelled on its own; you will need to clean it in order to save your cuddle-partner from future ear infections.

While it is necessary to clean the dog’s ear, but you should overdo it. Ears are a sensitive part of the body. Overcleaning may result in irritation, which will eventually lead to an ear infection.

Remember, not every breed needs regular ear cleaning. It is required to the ones who are prone to ear infections or the one with drop ears. Those floppy ears don’t get enough flow of the air to remove the debris on its own. Breeds like Labrador Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Basset Hound, etc. need a regular ear cleaning session.

Another question is, how often should you clean the dog’s ear?

Well, there’s nothing like once or twice a week for the with small ears. Clean only when they look dirty, or you find your pooch trying to itch the ear or shaking head more often. This is the sign, it is having a problem there.

The scenario changes if you have a dog with those beautiful floppy ears. You will need to check the ear of it every other week, just to make sure it is clean and perfect. If you notice redness, inflammation, mild odor, or scratches near or in the ear, it time to get the ear canal cleaned.

how to clean dog's ears

Can I do it at home, or should I go for professional ear cleaning?

Yes. You can definitely clean the ears of your puppy at home, but I suggest going to the vet or pet groomer for the first ear cleaning session. Observe and learn how they do it, and if you still don’t feel confident, go for professional ear cleaning.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you decide on cleaning the ears at home by yourself.

As I said, ears are the sensitive part of the dog’s body, and a slight mistake can cause serious damage to your four-legged friend.

Dogs don’t like getting their ears cleaned, so it is going to be a heck of work. Give him a positive experience, and if possible, start training about the same before you actually clean the ears. Keep a treat bag ready for it. (Treats can make them do anything!)

How to Clean Dog’s Ear at Home?

Till now, you read about the importance of the dog’s ear cleaning. Here in this section, you will learn how to clean the dog’s ear. Always keep all equipment and necessary things at the one-hand distance. You won’t want your pooch to run away while you are getting the supplies.

A pro tip: Never try to clean the ears if your dog is struggling or doesn’t like being touched around the ear, it can harm you and itself. Take it to the vet, and he’ll do it for you.

How to Clean Dog's Ear at Home

Equipment Required:

  1. Cotton wool pads
  2. A bowl of water
  3. Dog’s ear cleaner
  4. Tweezers
  5. A clean towel
  6. Treats
  7. Dog’s ear drop (if prescribed by the Vet)

Don’t ever use cotton buds. It can cause more damage to the ears. Use ear cleaner prescribed by the vet. There are many ear cleaners in the market. Some have hydrogen peroxide and alcohol in its content, which may cause irritation or burning sensation to the dog’s ear.

Some have an antibacterial and antifungal solution, which helps to cure the ear infection, while some can easily remove the wax build-up. Which one will go for your canine? The answer is with the vet only.

Step by Step Guide:

Once you gather all the supplies, select a place where you can clean the pup’s ear easily and won’t increase your work if water splashes around. Now follow the steps described to clean the dog’s ear. Cleaning ears and giving a proper bath to the dog will make the cleaning process easier and quicker.

Step 1: Inspect the Ears

Inspect the Ears of dog

Make yourself and the dog comfortable, now hold its ear with thumb and forefinger. Lift it and have a look inside. See what’s the condition there? If there are mild odor and wax build-up, you can move forward with the cleaning.

However, if you see a large amount of wax, redness around the ear, have a malodourous stinky odor, or a small amount of pus, it is a condition that needs treatment. Take it to the doctor, without delay. There are chances of ear infection, or it can lead to one.

Step 2: Clean Ears

Clean Ears of dog

Now take a cotton wool pad and damp it with water. Start with cleaning the outer part of the ear, be gentle and smooth. Clean up the wax build-up and debris. If you see any excessive hair in the ear, what should you do?

Pluck the hair. Many pet parents ask, is it okay to pluck the hair? Won’t it feel painful?

The answer is, “Yes, you can definitely pluck the hair, and most dogs won’t even feel the pain.” Still, if you see your dog getting super uncomfortable, don’t do it, take him to the vet, he will do it. You can use tweezer or hemostats for plucking the ear hair.

Step 3: Use Ear Cleaner and Ear Drops

Use Ear Cleaner and Ear Drops to clean dog's ears

Pick the dog’s ear cleaner, and insert the tip in the ear cleaner (make sure it doesn’t get too far, it can hurt the puppy.) and squeeze the bottle to release the solution. Rub the base of the ear simultaneously to pass the cleaner through the canal.

Remove any excess cleaner with the damp cotton, and repeat the process for the other ear. If the veterinarian has prescribed a dog’s eardrop, apply it within the short period, after the cleaning as it will directly reach its exact place.

As soon as the cleaning process is done, or you clear a step, give it treat. This will make it stay sturdy and will cooperate with you.

Make your Dog’s Ear Free of Any Future Ear Infection:

Ear cleaning is that part of dog grooming that you shouldn’t neglect. It can cause a severe problem for your lovely, and you won’t want that. At the start, it might not like it, but eventually and slowly, he will get used to it. Never forget treats. Whenever you take it to the bath wash ears and help it desensitize with the ear handling. Ear cleaning will help in removing the dirt, debris, and even ear mites, which can cause an ear infection.

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