Dog Licking Paw

Every pet comes with its own set of habits which is both good as well as bad and similarly, there are some habits that a dog comes with. There so many cute as well as annoying habits of a dog and being a dog owner you would have to accept as well as deal with both bad and good habits of your dog. Now while talking about dog habits, there are some annoying as well as very common dog habits and one of them has to be dog Licking Paws.

This is no doubt very annoying to watch your dog licking their paw with all their attention and during the time they would not even bother if someone is around them. The bad thing about this habit is that they can swell their paw in the process and this can also make their paw stinky. There are some reasons behind why do Dogs Lick their Paws and some of the reasons are dangerous which needs to be treated at the same time.

If you are wondering about the reasons for a dog licking their paw. Then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out. Also you can take step accordingly to ease out their problem if there is any.


Dog Licking Paws due to Pain

Pain can be a reason for this habit and if you observe your dog developing this habit suddenly. Then the chances of inactive pain are more. If it is due to pain then you would observe that your dog is licking one similar paw over and over again.

The pain can cause due to several reasons and when the pain starts bothering the dog. The dog tries to ease out the pain by applying pressure with the help of the tongue. If you can able to guess the reason is pain then the best thing is to check the area. To take your dog to a vet so that the pain can be completely cured.


Infection may reason to Dog Licking Paws

Dogs don’t wear shoes as we do and moreover, they play and run over an area of their choice. So they are more likely to get an infection in their paws since paw is hard to clean. If your dog would develop any kind f allergy or infection on the paw. Then also your dog would start licking that paw.

Infections are visible so you would be able to check that and vet as well as, medicine can help a lot I easing out the infection. To prevent infection you can clean your dog’s paws every day after getting your dog from running or outdoor workout and this would help a lot in infection prevention. Know more about Dog Ear Infection.

GI Problem in dogs

GI Problem in dogs occurs when Dog Licking Paws

GI problem stands for digestion issues. It is so shocking to know that 90 percent of dogs can suffer from such issues. In this case, you would be able to see that your dog would lick their paw excessively. Also, some studies conducted n healthy. As well as sick dogs reveal that healthy dogs are less likely to lick their paw. Whereas the same habit is way too aggressive in the case of sick dogs. In this case, sick dogs tend to swirl their tongue around both paws.

If you observe such a situation then you need to take your Dog for a Full Checkup and if there is anything strange then you need to get the checkup done as well.


Boredom tends Dog Licking Paws

If you do not spend the required amount of time with your dog. If your dog could not find anything to do when it dog would feels bored and out of boredom. This bad habit can become prominent in your dog. If this is the case, there is nothing to worry about. As such rather than with few changes this habit can be reversed.

You have to understand the fact that having a dog is more than getting a shelter as well as food for your dog. They do need your time otherwise they would feel very lonely. So the best way to bust that boredom is by being with them for a while and playing games with your dog.

Never tie up your dog to a certain place rather give your dog space to play and run. At the end, you can also try getting your dog a toy. So that whenever your dog would feel bored he can eventually at least play with the toy.


Dog Licking Paws because Anxiety

Your dog can also feel anxious as well as nervous at times and at that time they try to relax by licking their feet and this kind of anxiety can take place if they would not have Proper Exercise for Dogs or even if they would be left alone for a long time then also they can become anxious.

Bug Bites

Dog Licking Paws coz Bug Bites

If your dog’s paw would be a bite by any bug. Then also they try to scratch or lick their feet. Since bug bites and very itchy and they can even come to you indicating their paws. In they would not get relief from that itchy sensation soon. Here you can just scratch a little and massage your paw a bit to reduce the problem.

If you are wondering about why Does My Dog Lick me then they do that to show some love to you. Rather it is their assumption that licking you would make you relax. You would love them more as they do the same with their puppies as well which is really cute.

Dog Licking Paws

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