Dogo Argentinos

Are you thinking of getting Dogo Argentino as a family pet? Confused about whether it is a perfect choice or not? Happens, when a dog breed is banned in so many countries you are bound to doubt your considerations. However, worry not! It will make an amazing pet and a companion in all your good and bad times. Everyone does have its negative sides just like addictions. And just like them, it is entirely up to you, how you respond to it. Harsh and negative methods will get you no where, and with a positive approach, you can even tame a lion.

So without much delay, let’s first get the breed overview of Dogo Argentino and then move on to the detailed information.

Breed Overview Table

Dogo Argentino Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Dogo Argentino

Breed Group: Working Group

Height: 24 to 26.5 Inches

Weight: 88 to 100 pounds

Lifespan: 9 – 15 Years

Coat: Denser coat with a short length

Color: White

Temperament: Affectionate, friendly, cheerful, protective, loyal, and tolerant

Needs for Grooming: Low

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: Argentina

This was just an overview, here’s the in-detail information about dogo argentino.

History of Dogo Argentino

History of Dogo Argentino
  • The origin of the Dogo argentino is mentioned in its name only. Which one is it? Argentina or Argentine Republic.
  • In 1928, because of their passion for dogs a renowned doctor, Antonio Nores Martinez bred Dogo Argentino keeping in mind its basic features that will help him in tracking boars and navigating the diverse terrain of Argentina.
  • Dogo argentino is the result of the mixing breeding of many bitches, of which most are now extinct. Starting with the extinct fighting dog of Cordoba, the Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Boxer, Pointer, Great Dane Bull Mastiff, Great Pyrenees, Dogue de Bordeaux, Irish Wolfhound, and Spanish Mastiff.
  • This breed was developed to track the game, corner it, and handle it until the hunter arrives.
  • The Cynological Federation of Argentina and the Argentine Rural Society recognize the existence of the breed in 1964.
  • In 1970, the six specimens of the dogo were taken to the United States by Dr. Raul Zeballos.
  • In 1973, Argentina Kennel Club recognize it as a breed.
  • In 1985, the Dogo Argentino club of America was founded.
  • In 2020, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognize the Dogo Argentino as a breed. (Also, it was its 195th breed in the list.)
  • The doctor intends to create a trustworthy, strong, and fearless companion that he can take with him on hunting. Also, the one that can be a loyal family dog. I must say, he did create one!
  • Dogo was bred to be a family dog, but sadly somewhere it is still used as a fighting dog because of its fearless nature and impeccable strength.

Appearance of Argentinian Mastiff

Appearance of Argentinian Mastiff
  • Dogo Argentino is a large and muscular dog breed with a wide chest and pure white skin (without any markings or spots).

FYI: Any marking on the dogo argentino is considered a flaw.

  • Many dogo has a black or brindle spot on its broad forehead which is known as ‘pirata’. Not every kennel accepts that as a feature.
  • The argentine dogo has a broad head, slightly domed skull, and muzzle that is positioned higher up on the nose.
  • Also, it has a lowered medium-length tail with a thick end and tapered point.
  • Male Dogo dogs can grow up to 24 to 26.5 inches with a weight of 88 to 100 pounds. Whereas, females have a height between 24 to 25.5 inches with 88 to 95 pounds.
  • This serious-looking dog has almond-shaped dark or hazel eyes. They are set well apart and the rims are of either pink or black color. As for their ears, they are triangular in shape and mostly cropped.
  • The dogo argentino looks somehow similar to the American Bulldog, but is taller with a white short coat.

Personality and Temperament of Argentine Dogo

Personality and Temperament of Argentine Dogo
  • The dogo argentino is known for having a powerful dual personality, it can be loving as well as fierce. However, it won’t get aggressive without any strong reason. So you can relax.
  • As said this dog was bred keeping in mind the protection factor. It can get emotionally attached to its hooman and can do anything to protect him and his family.
  • It used to be one of the fearless wild boar hunters, so you can rest assured that it can protect you from any kind of danger.
  • This dogo still has a strong prey drive, so remember to do a proper introductory session with other small animals and if possible raise them with it from the very start.
  • This dog breed has been in police protection work as well. The reason for that was its level of courage and endurance, it is undoubtedly incomparable.
  • Whether you already have this breed or planning to get one, make sure you have enough time to fulfill its exercise needs, as it is super active.
  • The dogo is had a strong will and is independent in nature, it needs an owner that is more confident and can take his authority wholly.
  • With the proper training session and socialization, it can be an excellent watchdog. As mentioned above, it is a family dog that is friendly with kids, and loyalty is in the blood.

Exercise and Diet of Argentine Dogo

Exercise and Diet of Argentine Dogo

You can’t just get the pup on the basis of its temperament, you need to check out the exercise, diet, training, grooming, and all the other things. So let’s check their exercise and diet needs.

  • Some dogs are couch potatoes, but when it comes to Argentine dogo, let me tell you the exercise needs are high.
  • It needs an appropriate exercise for the stimulation of the mind, or it may get destructive. (which is not a good sign for their size.)
  • Its endurance level is high, so you can take it to outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, retrieving a ball, or flying discs. These activities will help them in spending a good amount of energy.
  • As for indoor activities, playing hide-and-seek and teaching new tricks will also keep the mind occupied.
  • You will need to take a vigorous exercise session of at least 60-minutes.
  • Once it has got enough exercise, you see how it can change from being the muscled-up dog to the cute cuddle-wanting pup. You will see it resting in your lap.

Keep in mind

Now, it’s time to get the A to Z information about the diet:
  • Like every energetic dog, it also needs high-quality food, which can provide enough proteins and nutrients it needs.
  • You need to provide it with meals formulated for large dog breeds along with plenty of freshwaters.
  • It has unique digestive needs throughout the different phases of its life. The diet will help in the slow and steady growth of this breed.
  • The dietary needs of Dogo Argentino depend on its weight. Here’s the segregation on the intake of calories/day according to its weight:

90 pounds – 1800 calories/day

95 pounds – 1900 calories/day

100 pounds – 2000 calories/day

  • You will need to feed it small meals throughout the day. When it is still a puppy go for the 3-time meals and reduce it by 2-times once it reaches adulthood.
  • Another important thing to consider is dry or wet food. The dry kibble provides more nutrients than the wet, so you can either go for the dry food or the mixture of both.

Training and Grooming Needs of Dogo Argentino Breed

Training and Grooming Needs of Dogo Argentino Breed

Every large dog breed needs the proper amount of training, be it physical or social. So let’s see what you will need to teach it and from what at age.

  • You must start training dogo argentino puppies as soon as you bring them home. Why? It can become a little too much to handle very quickly.
  • There’s a reason why I am telling you not to even wait for 6 months. As it can become headstrong to deal with and then it will be next to impossible for you to control it.
  • The dogo is not so good with other dogs and strangers, so if possible get it admission into the puppy kindergarten for early socialization.
  • No matter what dog you are training, harsh methods never yield results. You have to go for positive reinforcement to train this dog.
  • The intelligence level of the dog is great, it will grasp things quickly and will react to them as well. Also, it gets easily distracted by the scent (as they are hound).
  • You will have to be confident and tolerant while training dogo argentino or you might be the one running behind it.

Needs of Dogo Argentino Breed

Now comes the Dogo Argentino grooming needs. Well, to be honest, this is the plus point for the owners who kind of hate grooming sessions. This breed doesn’t need too much grooming as it has a short single coat (however, it is white).

  • You will need to brush the coat on a weekly basis to avoid any dirt or fleas settling in. The shedding is infrequent but it is there, so don’t avoid brushing.
  • Give your friend a bath only when it gets dirty, as its white coat might highlight the dirt and make it look unappealing.
  • Weekly grooming is necessary, also it will help in boosting the bond between you too.
  • You will have to brush your teeth on a daily basis to prevent gum disease.
  • Trim its nail regularly as it can grow faster. It will also help in avoiding splitting and cracking.
  • Check the ears regularly to remove the wax build-up and debris, which will avoid any ear infection.

Common Health Problems of Dogo Argentino

Common Health Problems of Dogo Argentino

Last but not least is the common health problems of Dogo Argentino. Every dog has a certain lifespan, it should at least live up to that and for that, you will have to be aware of the health problems it is prone to!

  • Unlike other dogs. It isn’t prone to obesity, which is a really great thing. With this, you will also have to rarely pay a visit to the veterinarian.
  • Just like other large dog breeds, it is also prone to hip dysplasia. However, the good news is it is treatable with medicines or surgery.
  • The dogo argentino has a history of deafness issues in its family and the dog with white coat pigmentation.
  • Other few genetic health problems are glaucoma and laryngeal paralysis.

After knowing all this, you might have come to the decision about getting the Dogo Argentino. Here’s a tip for you:

“Get the Dogo Argentino and other dogs from a reputable breeder only. This way you will get the perfectly fit and fine pup that will be with you for a longer time.”

101 Interesting Dogo Argentino Facts

101 Interesting Dogo Argentino Facts

Here are a few interesting facts that you must know, some might shock you and some might leave you awestruck:

  • The dogo argentino is banned in several countries around the globe, because of its extra energetic features.
  • Dogo argentinos have also worked with the police, military, and rescue efforts as well.
  • Around 10% dogo argentinos suffer from pigment-related deafness.
  • This dog appeared in the movie ‘Bombón: El Perro,’ as an athletic dog by name Gregorio.
  • Many people confuse it with American Bulldog, but it is taller than the AB and has a white dog.
  • Another dog that people confuse dogo with is American Pitbull Terrier, which is shorter than Argentino and different in many other ways.

The Bottom Line:

Getting the larger dog breed is easy but maintaining and meeting its maintenance needs are difficult. Many people do have misconceptions about the Dogo Argentino. However, I would just like to say one thing, with proper exercise and training sessions you make it an excellent guard dog that will do anything to protect you from all kinds of danger.

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