German Shepherd Poodle Mix

A German Shepherd and Poodle Mix, i.e. the shepadoodle, is a very smart, hearty dog. He needs a family that can keep him active and make him spend time outside to keep him cheerful and physically fit. Chances are, if you are looking for a large, physically active dog breed, you will find the German Shepherd Poodle Mix, i.e. Shepadoodle, a fantastic companion. If you are experienced enough to train and spend quality time with the furball, it is the right time to get a Poodle German Shepherd Mix.

This Poodle and German Shepherd Mix breed are quite huge in stature. They are also quite zestful and love drawing attention towards their owners. Shepadoodle is, in fact, the most adopted German Shepherd Poodle Mix for sale in 2023. But, the question is whether the German Shepherd and Poodle Mix are the right breed for you that you would like to adopt for your home.

In the forthcoming sections of this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about this exclusive dog breed.

Here is a list of things we have covered in this blog:

German Shepherd Poodle Mix: Overview

german shepherd poodle mix Overview

Popularly known as the Shepadoodle, the Poodle and German Shepherd Mix is made up of two very distinct dog breeds with lovable features. The two dog breeds, out of which German Shepherd and Poodle Mix are developed, are ideal for those dog parents looking for a working dog or a loyal and friendly pet.

The crossbreed of the two most popular breeds: German Shepherd and the toy Poodle, makes these dogs quite zestful and muscular by nature. If you love to take your furball for outdoor activities, the Poodle German Shepherd Mix is the perfect choice for your home!

The Shepadoodle is a perfect combo of a loving and quick-witted pooch. Although they are quite clever, their limitless vigor and drive can make it challenging for the pet parents to restrict them in the house. Since both German Shepherds and Poodles are quite intelligent dog breeds, you can expect the Shepadoodle to have an even higher IQ quotient.

Since the Shepadoodle is crossbred, having the German Shepherd Poodle Mix for sale is quite challenging. There are millions of dogs waiting for a shelter house; hence, it becomes imperative to adopt one of these designer breeds so that they can get their own house as a shelter!

Here is a summary table of German Shepherd Poodle Mix:

German Shepherd Poodle Mix Overview

Height: 22-28 inch

Weight: 50-90 lbs

Lifespan: 12-14 years

Coat: Long, medium density

Color: Black, brown, fawn, white, grey

Temperament: Eager to please, intelligent, loyal

Needs for Grooming: Medium grooming , with occasional brushing and standard grooming care for ears, teeth, and nails.

Hypoallergenic: no

Origin: United States

German Shepherd Poodle Mix: History

german shepherd poodle mix History

If you have ever seen a German Shepherd Poodle Mix, you would know that they are quite special. It is very rare to find the right combination of features of a German Shepherd and Poodle in a dog. In the following paragraphs, we will look at the history of the two parents of this wonderful crossbreed dog.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd was first found in Germany in the 1800s. Their main job was to herd and protect animals from predators. They were primarily used as farm dogs. Only during World War I did their obedience and loving nature make them popular amongst families. With popularity, this dog breed started being used for disability aid, search and rescue, military, and rescue work. According to the American Kennel Club, the German Shepherd is only after the Golden Retriever when it comes to most registered dogs.

The Standard Poodle

It was in Germany when the Standard Poodle first came into prominence. Their impervious coats were primarily used for bird hunting and other water-finding tasks. It is also one of the quick-witted dog breeds, which made it very popular amongst families.

The Poodle can be found in different colors like white, blue, black, grey, apricot, etc. Not only that, but their sizes also vary from toy poodles to standard poodles. Due to their hypoallergenic and non-shedding nature, this dog breed is registered as one of the most popular breeds in the American Kennel Club.

The good news is if you are suffering from any pet allergies, this dog breed will not cause it. In addition to this, this dog breed does not shed fur in the house; hence, you can save adequate time that could have been spent while vacuuming the house. The only disadvantage with this dog breed is you need to groom them regularly by cutting their hair.

German Shepherd Poodle Mix: Physical Appearance

german shepherd poodle mix Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of German Shepherd Poodle Mix can differ contingent upon their parents’ features. More often than not, you can find this crossbreed dog to be of medium or large size. The height of the Poodle German Shepherd Mix will be between 13 to 28 inches. The weight of the Shepadoodle is 25 to 90 pounds. Their faces often have an extended look and jet-black, vigilant eyes. They also have floppy ears and a wiry, shorter coat. This makes it more hypodermic and low-shedding compared to other dog breeds.

When it comes to their coat color, it is grey, brown, or black. However, there are times when it can even be tan or white mixed in. You can also find German Shepherd Poodle Mixes to have bi-color or tri-color.


  • Male – 4 to 26 inches (10 to 66 cm)
  • Female – 3 to 24 inches (8 to 61 cm)

German Shepherd Poodle Mix: Coat & Colors

german shepherd poodle mix Coat & Colors

You can find different appearances and colors of the German Shepherd Poodle Mix coat. You may find that their coats are almost twine or winding, with an uneven ,coarse feel. This is totally contingent upon the coat of the German Shepherd parent. The reason is German Shepherds typically have short or long hair.

When it comes to the color of the coat, it will be of dark colors like tan and black. The face of the Shepadoodle will resemble the German Shepherd parent. However, it is also possible that the coat color can be of any of the parents, i.e., German Shepherd or Standard Poodle. This includes the colors white, apricot, and blue.

Here are some common coat colors of German Shepherd Poodle Mix:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
  • Apricot
  • Blue
  • Grey

5 Important Things You Must Be Aware of German Shepherd Poodle Mix

Things You Must Be Aware of German Shepherd Poodle Mix

We understand that you want to know whether the German Shepherd Poodle Mix is the right pet for you. In this section, we will help you decide whether to get a puppy or a fully grown German Shepherd Poodle Mix.

Here are some of the points to be taken into consideration:

Food & Diet Requirements

Since the Shepadoodle is a large breed dog, you need to serve them approximately three cups of food on a daily basis with a maximum calorie intake of 900-1400. There are various types of dog food available in the market, from dry food to wet food or a mixture of the two.

Remember, the food you serve this pooch needs to be high in protein and a good balance of healthy carbs, grains, and vegetables. You can approximately consider $1.35 to $2 on food costs for your pup on a daily basis.

Ensure you divide the three cups of food into three separate meals daily. One in the morning, one during lunch, and the final one during dinner time. This will keep your doggie fit and ensure they do not put on heavyweight, which leads to bloating disorder.

German Shepherd Poodle Mix Growth and Weight Chart
AgeMale WeightFemale Weight
1 month5-9 lbs4-7 lbs
2 months16-20 lbs11-16 lbs
3 months22-26 lbs20-24 lbs
4 months30-35 lbs24-28 lbs
5 months35-41 lbs26-30 lbs
6 months41-48 lbs28-34 lbs
7 months48-55 lbs30-36 lbs
8 months50-57 lbs32-38 lbs
9 months52-61 lbs34-40 lbs
10 months55-63 lbs36-44 lbs
11 months57-68 lbs38-46 lbs
1 year60-70 lbs40-50 lbs
2 years60-70 lbs40-50 lbs

Training & Exercise

The German Shepherd Poodle Mix is a moderate to high-energy dog crossbreed that requires quite a bit of exercise and training to remain fit and healthy. Even though you may get the impression that they are having a great time with you indoors, they have a very active ancestry, making them play and romp the entire day outside.

You can keep them busy with dog training, which can tire them mentally. Since they are quite smart by nature, you need to give them mental stimulation to ensure they are not bored. If you do not care for these things, they might become destructive by tearing off your furniture. So, the best thing to do is spend quality time teaching them some tricks and manners to consume their energy positively.

This dog breed loves to:

  • A long dog walk
  • Playing fetch in the yard
  • Biking


german shepherd poodle mix Grooming

In comparison to German Shepherds, Shepadoodles have less grooming needs. The reason for that is they do not shed a lot. This crossbreed is also known to be hypoallergenic. Just like any other doggie, German Shepherd Poodle Mix needs regular brushing and bathing to keep their fur matted. During the hot summer months, it is advised to clip off their hair into a buzz haircut to have enough breathing space for their skin.

During the cooler months of winter, the German Shepherd Poodle Mix shows a tendency to dry skin. To counter this condition, you need to use cod liver oil on their coats as the cold waves arrive. Apart from this, you also need to care for their ears every couple of weeks to ensure they are free from any ear infections. While applying an ear-cleaning solution, do not forget to use a clean cotton dip to ensure that there is no injury to your fur baby. You only need to clean the exterior part.

These dogs also show an inclination towards periodontal illnesses; hence, you need to cut down their toenails frequently by taking them to a groomer. Also, do not forget to wash their teeth a few times on a weekly basis. Visiting your vet on a frequent basis is also recommended to ensure that your furry pal remains in the pink of health at all times.

To get the best out of grooming your Shepadoodle, get these tools:

Health & Lifespan

An average lifespan of a Shepadoodle is 12-14 years. There are two ways of looking at the health of the German Shepherd Poodle Mix. The first one is due to the mixed-breed nature of the Shepadoodle. You will find an enhancement of the gene pool, which drastically reduces the overemphasized features like the compressed faces of Bulldogs.

The other thing is that a hybrid dog breed can get the same genetic problems as purebreds. Here are some of the health problems that can be found in German Shepherds and Standard Poodles.

German ShepherdStandard Poodle
Elbow dysplasiaAddison’s disease
Hip dysplasiaHip dysplasia
EpilepsyProgressive retinal atrophy
Degenerative myelopathyHypoglycemia
Intravertebral disc diseaseEpilepsy

Here are some of the health problems that can be found in German Shepherd Poodle Mix:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Disc disease
  • Bloat
  • Pancreatitis
  • Thyroid abnormalities


You will find a lot of breeders due to the growing demand for both German Shepherds and Poodles. Before you jump to any conclusion, it is imperative that you research the breeder and find out whether they are reputed or not. Never run a puppy mill. Always be the first to ask about the health information of the German Shepherds. The reason is most of the problems in Shepadoodle can be found from this particular breed. If a breeder does not provide you with the right information, ignore them.

There are a few locations where you can find Shepadoodle puppies for sale:

  • Greenfield Puppies (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Vanna’s Shepadoodle (Hattiesburg, MI)

Here’s a summary of all the above information we refurbished above:

Features of German Shepherd Poodle Mix

Interesting Facts About German Shepherd Poodle Mix

Interesting Facts About German Shepherd Poodle Mix
  1. The German Shepherd Poodle Mix has different names, including the Shepherdoodle, Shepherdpoo, and Shepadoodle.
  2. The origin of the German Shepherd Poodle Mix dates back to the 1960s when they were first used as military police dogs in the U.S. Army.
  3. Did you know that both Standard Poodle and German Shepherd were originally found in Germany?
  4. Poodles can be found in three different sizes, including standard, mini, and toy. However, most German Shepherd Poodle Mixes are raised with a standard Poodle parent.
  5. The separation anxiety level of German Shepherd Poodle Mix can be greatly curbed with chew toys.
  6. German Shepherd Poodle Mix dogs are quite active. They do not like to sit in the house the entire time. However, you can breed them as companion pets.
  7. Contingent upon the features adopted by the parents, a Shepadoodle puppy may be unapproachable or amicable.
  8. Mostly the Shepadoodle is bred with the aid of a Standard Poodle. However, that is not necessarily the case. The kind of Poodle also has a huge influence on the size of the pet. Hence, it is always recommended to enquire from the breeder about the type of Poodle used to breed the Shepadoodle.

German Shepherd Poodle Mix: Litter Size

Litter Size of german shepherd poodle mix

Everyone knows that the German Shepherd Poodle Mix is a large breed. Hence, the litter size required for the Shepadoodle needs to be a bit larger than the smaller breed dogs. A German Shepherd Poodle Mix delivers five to seven puppies in a litter! However, it is totally contingent upon the parents; she may deliver only a handful of puppies or even more than the standard seven puppies!

Are German Shepherd Poodle Mix Good Family Dogs?

Are German Shepherd Poodle Mix Good Family Dogs

The German Shepherd Poodle Mix are very loving towards their family. Since they are quite active, you will find them spending time following the family members around the house. They have a strong affection for their family and are extremely protective yet very gentle towards children. They are a great alternative if you are looking for a family dog.

Shepadoodle are good for the family. However, since they are a large size breed, it is always imperative that you stay vigilant when they are in close proximity to your children. They generally spend quality time with children, playing with them.

When it comes to your other pets in the house, it totally depends on the individual temperament and the size of the other pet. The German Shepherd Poodle Mix has a tendency to chase smaller pets like cats. However, when it comes to other dogs, they can get along with them with ease. However, it is always recommended to have a close watch when they are playing with other pets.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning the Shepadoodle:



  • Sheds very lightly or moderately
  • Sheds very lightly or moderately
  • Effortless to train
  • Extremely protective towards family
  • Used as military, therapy, or service dogs


  • Cannot be confined in a small apartment
  • Shows a tendency towards separation anxiety
  • Can become obese if you do not keep them active for the most part of the day
  • Can become aggressive seeing strangers


What Are the Other Names of a German Shepherd Poodle Mix?

The other name of a German Shepherd Poodle Mix is Shepadoodle. They are also called Shepherd Doodle, Sheppoo, or Shepapoo.

What Is the General Appearance of the German Shepherd Poodle Mix?

You can see a German Shepherd and a Poodle Mix in dark brown color with a curly coat. But, it is not always necessary to have the same appearance. It is even possible to see a Shepadoodle in a single solid color or three distinct colors. Some commonly found colors are white, light brown, dark brown, and black.

Do Shepadoodle Shed a Lot?

Shepadoodle do not shed a lot. When you closely observe them, you will find them with thick, curly coats; however, they do not shed much. Hence, you will save a lot of time that could have been spent cleaning the house if you opted for another dog breed. They are also considered good dogs to have if you are suffering from mild susceptibility to dog hair.

Do Sheepadoodle Bark Quite Often?

Shepadoodle do not shed a lot. When you closely observe them, you will find them with thick, curly coats; however, they do not shed much. Hence, you will save a lot of time that could have been spent cleaning the house if you opted for another dog breed. They are also considered good dogs to have if you are suffering from mild susceptibility to dog hair.

Do Sheepadoodle Bark Quite Often?

Many of you might perceive Sheepadoodle bark louder due to their large sizes. But the startling fact is the German Shepherd Poodle Mix does not bark at all! They are very tender in demeanor. They often greet people and other dogs in other ways apart from barking.

Do Sheepadoodle Chew Out of Compulsion?

A Sheepadoodle may commence chewing things if they sit idle for a long time doing nothing. Since they are a large dog breed, you need to take them for exercise for at least one hour on a daily basis. You can do it in smaller strolls or in one go.

German Shepherd Poodle Mix: Concluding Thoughts

The German Shepherd Poodle Mix is a friendly pooch that is ideal for families. The only thing you need to do is give him a bit of space and time. Keep in mind that the Shepadoodle will require a lot of exercise. But, with a bit of self-restraint, you can get the best buddy in the world with you that you would not like to miss out on at any cost!

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