How to stop a puppy from biting


Tired of puppy biting? Want to teach your puppy some good manners regarding biting? So here we have the 8 genuine facts about how to stop a puppy from biting. Read them carefully and starts making a good relation with your pet without hurting and by making them learn something important. So, he we go!

  1. Don’t use your hands

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We usually do wrestling throughout the day with our pets. When they do start rolling around us, automatically our hand rub their back or head to show our love. But rubbing hands on, sometimes make them angry. To show their anger, they try to bite us back. It is a sign of saying that they do not like rubbing, so please, stop! At that time, give them a soft toy so that he stops biting you. 

  1. Stop the game

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As soon as you feel that you don’t want them to be a pet that bites this will make your puppy feel that you don’t want to make him wild. Your puppy is trying pulling your hands inside their mouth just stop playing with them make them realize that we feel unsafe by this.

  1. Use a tie down

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If you have a naughty puppy which always follow you and run behind you to bite your ankle, at that moment stop playing and tie down him. So he cannot follow you just move a little bit away from him and let him calm down to be normal just after he awaits for and now you can continue the moment of love and care.

  1. Stop and go

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Let’s talk about why we should teach them not to bite us in our feet. Most of the time puppies follow you and run after you and if you stop they continuously start biting your feet because they want you to keep moving. You just need to stay stand quietly and not to move till he removes his mouth. From this he will understand that you were not standing unnecessarily, you were having some work which made you stand there.

  1. Stay Quiet.

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Most of the people thinks while they are playing with puppies the usually bite us in our hand and we start doing acting like we are hurt, hence we are crying. Well this is not the only way to teach them. Stay quiet and make them feel bit hurt