Siberian Cats

Cats are the most common pests in the world and often people melt by the cute possession of the cute. You would be amaze to know that just like dogs there are so many different varieties of cats. As well and every cat breed is specific and slightly different from the other. If you would search for cats then you would be able to find a perfect one for you as well. Which is great.Siberian cat is one of a type that is very famous worldwide.

Cats are very playful and funniest as well so there is no chance of getting bore. If you have a cat around you and cats are also suggest by doctors to the patient who is suffering from stress and depression.

It is said that some cuddle with a cat and the purring sound of the cat can heel depression. At the same time it can also burst stress which is a great thing for sure. You would be able to find Siberian forest cat as well as, the domestic cat and it is very important to differentiate both.

If you are already driven by the cuteness of these Siberian kittens then here are few things. That you have to know about this cat before getting it in your home:

Siberian Cat

Overview Of Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat Overview

Other names: Siberian Forest cat and Moscow Longhair

Lifestyle: active and social companions who thrive on human interaction and play

Weight: 8 to 17 pounds

Length: 17 to 25 inches

Coat: thick, triple-layered coat

Coat Color: It comes variety of colors and patterns, including tabby, solid, smoke, chinchilla, and bicolor

Temperament: affectionate, playful, and intelligent

Eye Color: green, gold, or copper

Life Span: 10 to 18 years

Origin: Siberia, Russia.

Characteristics of the Siberian Cats


The best thing about this cat is that it can adapt according to the situation. So it might be staying at a particular place but once you would bring it home. It would start adapting the surrounding of your home and soon it would be very comfortable in your home. Which is a great thing. In this way, it would not trouble you much and at the same time, it would be able to live peacefully as well.

Affection Level

While some people call cats selfish but this fact is not at all true as cats can be consider among most affectionate pets. Even Siberian cat is very affectionate towards its master. It would take a while for the cat to understand you and once it would get habituate with your surrounding. Then it would love you like anything. It is due to the cat’s affectionate nature that it is consider as the best cuddling partner. Even you would fall in love with this cat.

Overview Of Siberian Cat


Not all cats are kid-friendly rather some cats get jealous of kids because cats themselves are no less than any baby. The things are quite different in the case of Siberian cats. As they love being around kids and they are even capable of making kids their best friend which is a great thing. If you have kids in your house then it would be best for you to get this cat in your home. As this cat would take care of your kid while playing with the kid. Here you can also read about Huskypoo.


There are famous stories of how dogs and cats cannot be friends but cats like this have state. This statement false with its friendly nature even with dogs. Most houses avoid getting a cat as they already have a dog. But if you have a dog in your home and you still desire to get a pet cat then it would be best for you to get a Siberian cat.

If you would keep the dog and this cat together then you would be able to see friendly bond among both. You would also be able to spot them playing with each other.

Dog-friendly Siberian Cat

Energy Level of Siberian Cat

Cats are very playful but it has been observe that most of the cats are a couch potato. They might even refuse to play with though they would love to take a nap on your lap. The things are different from a Siberian cat as it has a high energy level so you have to play with this cat. This cat would do funny activities with you that you can enjoy. This cat can get you the perfect dose of laughter. Which is a great thing for sure and you should get this cat some toy to play with.

Grooming of Siberian Cat

The best thing about cats is that they do not require much grooming and just like other cats. Even this Siberian cat knows how to take care of itself. Hence it would not need much of your attention when it comes to grooming.

This, however, does require some care for sure which includes brushing of fur so that it can get rid of all the falling fur. At the same time you have to make sure that they do not get body mites. As that can be quite irritating for them as well as, for you.

Grooming of Siberian Cat

Health Complications

This cat is less likely to get any such health problems and they stay fit for the rest of their life. But if you would not let them play enough then they can start gaining a lot of body fat. Which can cause a lot of health issues in them. Other than this issue they can even suffer from skin infections. That is rare and the best thing about this cat is that it is consider as hypoallergenic cats. So if you get allergies from cat fur then this cat can be a best suit for your home.


This cat is very intelligent and it is not even arrogant so it would try to obey all of your orders. At the same time, it would be social in front of your guests. Due to the high intelligence level, it becomes really easy to train them. But you have to start the training at a young age so that they could understand in a better way.

Intelligence Siberian Cat

Shedding Level

They do shed a lot and that is because of their long furs but the good thing is that this cat is hypoallergenic so this would not be a problem for you. It is always recommend to take good care of the fur of a Siberian cat so that the quality of the fur could be intact because the beauty of this cat comes from the fur.

Stranger Friendly

Cats are good with everyone and that is the reason that they are consider as one of the most social pets that you can flaunt among others but some cats are more friendly towards strangers while others are less and this Siberian cat does not fall much for any stranger. They, however, would not attack or harm any stranger but they love to be around people they know best and as they are very loyal so they would stick around their owner.

Stranger Friendly Siberian Cat


You have to be very careful about their diet otherwise they can fall sick that you might not want for sure. This cat eat any cat food however they love fish food so you can get food accordingly. Most people feed then the food that human consumes but that should not be done because our digestive track is quite different from their digestive track so if you would get them your food then they can face difficulty in digesting that food.


They look super cute due to their long fur and they just look like a furry stuff toy that you would love to play and cuddle with this cat. Also, they do come in several colors and the black Siberian cat looks the best for sure however you can, of course, go with the combination one or the white one also looks very cute. They have thick fur coats around their neck area which makes them appear fat and big at the same time.

Looks of Siberian Cat

Life Expectancy

The best thing about this cat is that they usually stay with you for more than 10 years but if you would keep them in pairs and if you would take good care of this cat then they can even live for more than 18 years. However to make this thing possible you would have to take them for checkups and proper healthcare regimes. You should give them proper time so that they could be happy otherwise sadness can affect their health conditions.

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