American bully puppies

If you think that American Bully Puppies is somebody you must avoid at school, re-evaluate. This unimaginable family dog is within the bully breed family; however, their personalities are nothing however loved. Since typically this can be one among those dog breeds that are often misunderstood, I wished to clear up a number of things once it involves the American Bully. They are NOT pit bulls.

One of the foremost common misconceptions concerning the American Bully is that it’s merely a sort of pit bull; however, the reality is these are two different breeds.

American bullies do come back from pit bulls, however, they need to have alternative forms of bully breeds mixed in order that they are not thought about pit bulls, however, have their own breed standards.

There also are some breeds, which not registered through the ABKC, like Bully Kutta.

Variations Between the American Bully and Also the Pit Bull

Variations Between the American Bully and Also the Pit Bull

Head Size

The American Bully includes a larger head compared to the Pitbull breed, particularly in proportion to their body size.

Leg Length

Most American bullies feature short legs, particularly in comparison to those of Pitbull. Solely the classic style of the American Bully has average legs once it involves length.

Sizes of American Bully Puppies

Sizes of American Bully Puppies

There are four completely different sizes of American bully that area unit recognized by the ABKC:

  • Standard
  • Pocket
  • XL
  • Classic

Here’s a bit additional info on the four recognized sizes of American bullies:

Additional info on the four recognized sizes of American bullies


A standard male American bully stands between seventeen and twenty inches (43-51 cm) whereas a regular feminine stands between sixteen and nineteen inches (40-48 cm).


To be thought-about a pocket American bully, a male should be between fourteen and seventeen inches (35-43 cm) at the shoulder, and feminine should be between thirteen and sixteen inches (33-40 cm) at the shoulder. Otherwise, this size has identical proportions and characteristics because of the commonplace American bully.


XL (Extra Large) American bullies are larger than the quality size, however, ought to have identical build and overall proportions. Males area unit between twenty and twenty-three inches (50-58 cm) and females vary between nineteen and twenty-two inches (48-56 cm). At now, this can be the most important accepted size for this breed.


Although the classic style of the American bully puppies is the same height because of the commonplace, this sort is recognized by a distinction in the build. These dogs’ are less muscular and have narrower frames than the quality, pocket, and XL varieties.

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