Americans Bully xl

An American bully is one of the most muscular dogs you’ll ever set eyes on. The main question is are they as intimidating as their exterior makes them seem? The simple answer is NO. Underneath its big, bulky exterior is the heart of a puppy. These are perfect examples of gentle giants with their kind, affectionate and friendly persona. All they want is to cuddle their human and shower them with slobbery kisses.

American bullies are a perfect combination of a fierce-looking protector and a mellow, sweet cuddle bug.  These dogs have amazing temperaments and make great companion animals. Among the four types of American bully breeds, the XL bully is one and they are ones on the heavier side.

Breed Overview of American XL Bully

American bully XL Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : American bully XL

Breed Group: Companion dogs

Height: 19-23 Inches

Weight: 30 to 55 kg

Lifespan: 10 to 12 years

Coat: Straight, short and glossy.

Color: Brindle, Sable, White, Red, Black, Blue, Silver, Cream, Gray, Brown, Isabella, Fawn, or Sable.

Temperament: Gentle, friendly, affectionate, loyal, social.

Needs for Grooming: Low

Hypoallergenic: United States

Origin: No


Originating from the American Pitbull Terrier, the XL American bully is one of the four major types of American bully dogs. American bully is a mix of English bulldog, American bulldog, and old English bulldog.

Although the American pitbull Terrier has been roaming the earth for centuries, the Xl American bully is a comparatively new breed. They have official recognition in the US as well as the UK.

The breed was established in the mid-1990s with the motive of creating a companion dog. Through selective breeding of the American Staffordshire Terrier and the pit bull terrier, the American bully dogs were created. Their origin can be traced back to the eastern and western coasts of North America but currently, they are found throughout Asia as well as Europe. Here are some tips on shampoo on your dog.

Many people confuse American bully dogs with Pitbulls. So are they the same? The simple answer is no.

Behavior and Temperament

xl bully Behavior and Temperament

Don’t let the word ‘bully’ in their name paint a picture of them in your head as bullies. They are nothing close to bully by nature. They are the opposite, they are so gentle and soft around kids that they are also known as nanny dogs.

The word bully is used in their naming as they were originally used as game dogs in ruthless blood sports like dog fighting, bull-baiting, etc. the dogs used in such bull-baiting were known as bully dogs and even though the games got banned over the years, the name stuck around.

American bully Xls are confident and strong dogs that will stay loyal and protective at all costs. They are also social, outgoing, caring, playful, and gentle. They are loving towards people and make amazing companion animals and family pets.

They are intelligent and very eager to please which makes training them easy. They are extremely tolerant and gentle with kids which have earned them the title of nanny dogs.

They are confident dogs with a very pleasant aura to them. They make ideal family companions due to their reliable and trustworthy personalities. They will fight to the death if that’s what it takes to protect their humans. They are extremely tolerant when it comes to pain.

The American bully XL is a strong-willed dog and we recommend you to get one if you have some experience with dogs. For novice owners, this breed is not recommended as these intelligent gentle giants may outsmart you if you don’t take charge and prove to be slacking with leadership.


They have a broad, squared skull, an American bully xl will have a broader face than the smaller varieties. They have pronounced cheek muscles and high set ears. Eyes are set far apart on their chiseled face. Their eyes are round or almond-shaped with brown, amber, or hazel coloured iris.

They have a broad, medium-length muzzle and well-defined jaws. Their bodies are barrel-shaped, strong, and muscular. They have straight and sturdy forelimbs and the body exhibits slight sloping from head to tail.

Their noses come in various colors like brown, black, or grayish. Their lips are tight and show minimal looseness. Their face is usually wrinkly and the wrinkles enhance with age, especially with the larger breeds like the xl bully.

Xl American bullies are huge and powerful dogs that make an excellent cuddle bug.


xl bully Grooming

The coat of an American bully is smooth to touch, short, and moderately dense. Their coat shows various colors and patterns like Brindle, Sable, White, Red, Black, Blue, Silver, Cream, Gray, Brown, Isabella, Fawn, or Sable.

Their smooth and short coat is easy to groom and does fine with combing 2 to 3 times a week. Combining enhances the circulation to the skin, which further improves the coat quality. You can bathe them once in 20 to 30 days or only when they come home covered in dirt.

Only use dog products on your dog as the pH variations in products meant for humans can disturb their skin flora.

Brush your dog’s teeth regularly to avoid plaque, tartar, periodontal disease, and gum disease. You can also give them raw bones to chew on (under supervision) for tartar and plaque removal.

Clean your bully’s eyes and ears regularly and get their nails trimmed by a professional.

Exercise and Training

Being an intelligent breed, with a high desire to please, American bullies are an easy breed to train. The intelligence comes from their pitbull terrier ancestor. These dogs are so loyal and eager to please that they’ll be happy to be trained.

The combination of these amazing traits makes them a pleasure to work with and training becomes fun for both you & your dog.

They can master several commands in a comparatively short period. They even notice the behavior of their owners and can detect if the owner is in a potentially dangerous situation. Here are some reason behind why dogs follow their masters everywhere.

Make sure you make training a positive experience for your dog as it can greatly influence your bond with them. Training must be about communication, learning to communicate better with your dog, be consistent and firm while you teach them. Never use punishments or other such harsh methods to punish your dog.

Training works best if the method used is of praise and positive reinforcement. You can also crate train your dogs as it has many of its benefits that work in your dog’s favor in certain situations.

American bully Xl is a big breed of dogs and thus they require a high level of activity to dispense their energy. 90 minutes of exercise daily in the form of regular walks, swimming, runs, playing fetch, climbing the stairs or training is a must. It adds to strength and agility.

Do not make your dogs climb stairs before they are 2 years of age as their bones are still developing and climbing can put unwanted strain on their growth plates.

Boredom can lead your dog to develop undesirable habits like chewing on objects, baking, etc. make sure you provide enough mental and physical stimulation by engaging with your dog. Exercise will also keep your dog in shape and help in managing weight.

Make sure the first thing you do after getting them home starts potty training them.


Young pups require a high fat, high protein diet for good growth. Their diet can also be supplemented with multivitamins and calcium. You can get a good quality puppy starter food and later shift to adult food as your puppy transforms into an adult.

Always go for foods that use the main ingredients instead of byproducts in the making of the kibbles.

If you choose to give a raw diet or a home-cooked meal, the formulation and do’s and don’ts can get a bit tricky so please consult your vet and decide the right proportion of food for proper and well-balanced nourishment.

They can also be given yogurt and fruits like berries, banana, kiwi, apples without seeds, cantaloupe, watermelon, pears, etc. never give them grapes as it can lead to acute kidney injury.


Like all breeds, American bullies too have a genetic predisposition towards some of the health issues. You can prevent these problems with a good diet, care, and management. You may also lookout for any signs of the start of a problem and make corrections early on.

Some of the commonly observed conditions in them are

  1. Heart disease
  2. Cherry eye
  3. Hip dysplasia
  4. Skin problems
  5. Allergies
  6. Hypothyroidism
  7. Cleft palate

American Bully Xl for Sale

You can find a good American bully xl for sale at a reputable breeder. Many puppy mills may offer you these dogs but we recommend that you avoid buying from them as they produce bad quality litter by keeping the dam in poor conditions.

While getting an American bully xl puppy, make sure they are 8 weeks of age, socialized well, the breeder allows you to see the parents and provides you with registration and health certificates of the pup as well as the parents

You may find xl American bullies for sale ranging from 500% to 800$ depending on the size, quality of breeding, pedigree, location, and other such factors. High-quality breeds may even cost up to 5000$ for an xl American bully pup.

Final Thoughts

American bully Xl is an amazing choice of dog. Make sure you can commit the right amount of time and energy to them and you’ll have an amazing, affectionate, and friendly companion.

They will play with your kids as well as protect them. They do not like busy owners, these gentle giants love company and are pretty easy to take care of.

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