Black Mouth Cur Breed Informations

Chihuahua, Maltese, and Shih Tzu are excellent breeds to have as a pet; however, not everyone wants a tiny little pup. Some people want a large-sized dog that can literally be like their roommates! If you want something different, a black mouth cur will be the perfect dog for you!  Many people want to become dog owners, but they postpone adopting a dog all the time. The reason is that they want to have a large dog but are afraid that larger breeds are prone to a lot of diseases. This is not the case with the Black Mouth Cur breeds. They are strong, healthy, and full of joy.

They have many names such as American Black Mouth Cur, Southern Black Mouth Cur, and many more! They’re powerful medium-sized dogs with super adorable features. With long legs, they’re fast and quick in their actions. They are also very loyal, protective of their owner and family, and always ready to play.

Do you have a Black Mouth Cur dog at home? Are you thinking about getting a puppy from this breed? To help in that, today we’ve brought the full breed profile of Southern Cur Dog. This in-depth dog breed guide will help you know all the information such as their temperament, diet, training, and health problems.

Basic Overview Of The Southern Black Mouth Cur:

Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Black Mouth Cur

Breed Group: Working Dog

Height: 16-25 inches (for males and females)

Weight: 35-40 lb (for males and females)

Lifespan: 12-18 years

Coat: Short Coat

Color: Red, Yellow, & Fawn, Brindle, Buckskin With Or Without A Black Muzzle Or Mask

Temperament: Intelligent, Fearless, Courageous, Energetic, and Loyal

Needs for Grooming: Medium

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: Alabama, Southern United States

History of Black Mouth Cur

History of Black Mouth Cur
  • The exact origins of this dog breed are uncertain and unknown. However, some people believed that the breed was developed from various ancient European and Asian cur-type dogs.
  • Some people have also claimed that this dog breed originated in the mountains of Tennessee and Mississippi.
  • Many of us know that breed was developed in the Southern United States as an all-purpose farm dog.
  • This breed has become fairly widespread since the 19th century and these dogs were mainly used by early settlers for hunting, helping out on the ranch, and protecting their homes and livestock.

This beloved dog has a long and rich history; that’s why it has many different nicknames, including

  • American Black Mouth Cur
  • Southern Black Mouth Cur
  • East Texas Cur
  • Blackmouth Cur
  • East Texas Brindle Cur
  • Southern Cur
  • Yellow, Black Mouth Cur
  • Red, Black Mouth Cur
  • Ladner Black Mouth Cur
  • Ladner Yellow, Black Mouth Cur

The Blackmouth Cur was recognized by United Kennel Club (UKC) on November 1, 1998. Now it has received recognition from various kennel clubs such as:

  • American Black Mouth Cur Breeders Association – ABMCBA
  • Continental Kennel Club – CKC
  • American Canine Association, Inc- ACA
  • American Canine Registry- ACR
  • Dog Registry of America, Inc- DRA
  • American Pet Registry, Inc- APRI
  • National Kennel Club- NKC
  • Foundation Black Mouth Cur Breeders Organization, Inc- FBMCBO, Inc
  • National Southern Black Mouth Cur Breeders Association- NSBMCBA
  • Southern Black Mouth Cur Breeders Association- SBMCBA

The appearance of Ladner Black Mouth Cur

The American Black Mouth Cur has a quite impressive appearance; let’s know more about them:

  • They are medium-sized dogs with powerful and agile looks. Their body is tall, which helps them to move quickly and efficiently.
  • With a large, broad head and cute ears, they look extremely adorable and friendly.
  • They have a short and dense coat that comes in various colors, including red, yellow, fawn, white, black, brown, buckskin, brindle, and piebald.

“Don’t assume that because of their name, they all have a black mouth. There are Black Mouth Curs with, or without, a black muzzle or mask.”

  • Black Mouth Curs are commonly 16 inches (41 cm) or taller, ranging up to about 25 inches (64 cm).
  • In terms of weight, males are usually larger than females. Male dogs can weigh between 40 and 95 pounds (18 – 43 kg), whereas females are around 35 – 80 pounds (16 – 36 kg).

Black Mouth Cur Puppies

Black Mouth Cur Puppies

If we talk about the mountain cur puppies, the average litter size for this breed is between 3 and 9. when they’re still babies, it’s good for them to go through all the basic socialization and training. So make sure to train your black mouth cur puppy at the early stages.

Temperament of East Texas Brindle Cur

Now let’s discuss the behavior, personality, and character of this amazing puppy:

  • Black Mouth Curs are well known for their loyalty and energy.   They can also easily form a bond with any individual or a family.
  • They’re super friendly around the kids and are always ready to keep your house safe from any type of danger.
  • Being a working dog, they’re always high in energy. Which simply means they need more playtime.
  • Training and exercise are a must for Blackmouth Cur dogs. They’re always ready to learn new things and will 100% enjoy it.
  • This intelligent dog loves to spend outside doing many outdoor activities, so be ready for that.
  • However, they also have a sensitive side. Sometimes they’ll pick up on your emotional cues and show plenty of affection.

“He absolutely loves his human! That’s why sometimes they don’t tolerate being left alone for a longer period of time. So it’s better not to leave him alone in the home.”

Training & Diet of Yellow Black Mouth Dog

  • As we already told you, they’re intelligent, energetic dog breeds. They love being active all the time and hence need a high level of exercise and training.
  • These dogs are super-trainable, which means you don’t face many issues in training them.
  • Exercises like two 60-minute walks per day and some running will be ideal for your furry friend.
  • You can also play sports like agility, swimming, and flyball with them!

“Make sure to keep not only their bodies active but also their minds!”

  • For mind exercises, you can play hunt games. Hide your dog’s favorite treats or toys in your home and around the yard and encourage him to seek them out.
  • Start the training process when they are puppies. It is easier for them to learn anything at this age and this will make a bond between you two.

Now might be thinking, what you should feed your blackmouth cur dog?

Essential diet requirements

  • They’re a working breed, so it’s always best to invest in high-quality dog food.
  • Blackmouth Cur is considered a medium- to large-sized breed; that’s why you can use a large-breed dog food formula.
  • You can follow a feeding schedule either 3-meals-per-day or even 4-meals-per-day.
  • If your pet is a highly active working dog, he might need a special diet and portion.

“A good bowl of food will keep your friend healthy, happy, and filled with energy.”

Proteins are super important. Here’s the protein guide for your doggy:

  • 4 to14 weeks of age: 4.4g of protein per kg of bodyweight.
  • From 14 weeks onwards: 5.69g
  • A fully mature dog: 1.20g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

Note :

There are many types of foods available in the market for dogs. However, not all are good for your dog. So, it’s better to ask your vet about your dog’s nutritional requirements. They’ll tell you the food, quantity, and timing as per their specific needs.

Grooming Needs of East Texas Cur

  • The best thing about Black Mouth Curs is that they have a short-haired brown/gold coat with a black mouth and darker ears. A short coat means fewer grooming requirements.
  • Their coat is super easy to groom and maintain.
  • All you need to do is clean/wash the dog after his or her outdoor activities.
  • Also, do brush their coat regularly or two or three brushes per week. This will be enough for him.
  • Apart from brushing your dog coat, you have to brush his teeth multiple times a week.

Common Health Problems of Mountain Cur

Common Health Problems of Mountain Cur

Are American Black Mouth Curs healthy dogs? Do they have any serious health problems?

Thankfully, they’re considered to be a very healthy breed and don’t show almost any breed-specific genetic problems.

However, after all, they’re dogs, so they are not completely immune to problems. That’s why they can suffer from most of the common dog health issues.

Health Issues

  • Epilepsy
  • Demodex Mange
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Ear Infections

Apart from these, eye infections like cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, and ectropion are also seen in some dogs.

“To keep your puppy happy and healthy, do visit the nearest vet for regular checkups. They’ll inform you everything about your dog’s health. It will help you in keeping an eye on the development of these specific diseases.”


Get your dog only from the famous or Black Mouth Cur register breeders. And before you adopt them, check the breeder’s background carefully and ask for basic information.

Interesting Facts About Black Mouth Cur

Interesting Facts About Black Mouth Cur
  • The origin of this breed is a little mysterious. They are considered to be from three different states and have different names:
  • Texas – Foundation Black Mouth Curs
  • Mississippi – Ladner Yellow Black Mouth Cur
  • Florida – Black Mouth Cur
  • They vary in weight from one variety to another, and according to it, they have been used for various purposes.
  • The Ladner Black Mouth Cur will usually weigh around 35 pounds, and the Weatherford Ben line of the breed can weigh more than 100 pounds.
  • Larger dogs (up to 100 pounds or 45 kg) are typically herding dogs. Whereas the smaller ones (up to about 50 pounds or 23 kg) are usually bred as tree hunting dogs.
  • These canines have big and elongated muzzles and very short coats, which helps them not to overheat.

Are Black Mouth Cur Good Family Dogs?

Are Black Mouth Cur Good Family Dogs

Yes, they are the best dogs and true family companions. They’re hyperactive and super friendly with kids and strangers. They also have a sensitive side; that’s why they immediately make a bond with their owners.

They feel anxious and sad when you leave them alone for more extended periods of time. Other than this, they’re the most cheerful, happy animals on this planet. So adopt them without thinking much!

I hope this in-depth Black Mouth Cur Breed Guide and care information will help you understand these super active and energetic dogs. If you find this blog helpful, please share it with your friends and family.

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