Police Dog Breed

We have usually seen dogs as companions or pets, but the reality is they can be working animals. One such working field where dogs are active in the police. Police dog breeds are trained and assessed for helping the police or other enforcement teams. Training has no limits in this field for dogs. From basic to the most advance one, they need to acquire all kinds of training. Not all dog breeds have the quality of being a working animal. There are only a few dog breeds who can accept the training to the extent these dogs get. Dog breeds are select base on their physical capability, spontaneous response to the situation, and the breed’s capabilities.

Police and enforcement teams are working with and for the citizens. Making sure of selecting the right police dog breed is their responsibility. Getting any random breed as a police dog is not happening. The team goes through an entire procedure of selecting the best police dog breed.

In this blog, I will share a list of train and select details as the most efficient breeds for police dogs. You will also explore the history of police dogs and how they are trained in their entire process of qualifying as police dogs.

History of Police Dog Breeds

In the middle ages, people kept dogs helping hands in keeping their home and family safe. Later in the 19th century, when murders increase in London, police and law enforcement teams decide to update the team. That is when they decided to train wild dogs as their helping arms in a security and enforcement team.

They start training dogs as night security in cities. Crime situations were getting worse day by day. The enforcement and police team were somewhere unable to handle the situation. Thus, they thought of training the dogs. Soon, training and adding dogs as members of the team were helpful.

In the year 1889, dogs were used for policing by the Metropolitan Police of London for the first time. When the commissioner fails to find the serial killer in the city, he decides to train two bloodhounds to help solve the case. However, the results were not good. One of the dogs bit the commissioner itself, and the other two ran off in the middle of the case.

At the starting of the 19th century, most of the countries plan to try dogs for policing. However, the initial stages were difficult for police who were training. Later, they realize not all kinds of breeds are capable of working for the police. The hunt for finding the right breed start in the middle of the 19th century.

As time was passing by, they were getting the right match for their enforcement team. They train them in the best way possible in those days. Right from training on the campus to teaching deep in the woods, they had done their best to make dogs the best policing dogs. Now, they have proper training and practicing fields that make the training easier and better. And rest is what you all know. Currently, there are more than ten breeds that can work as police dogs. Here you can also read about cleaning hacks when living with a bluenose pitbull puppy.

Now let us see the best and popular dog breeds working for the police and enforcement team.


Boxers: Police Dog Breeds

In the middle ages, boxers were acknowledging as messengers during wars to transfer messages. They are very obedient and intelligent in following their orders. Boxers have a flexible physical nature which makes them the best fit for patrolling dogs. They are even as good and responsive as military and guard dogs.

Boxers are admired as K-9 officers. Well known and popular in Germany as stable, loyal, and social dogs. Though nowadays, they do not encourage much as police dogs. They are facing some genetic issues which are failing them to clear all the required needs. Still, many boxers are strong enough and train very well. All the boxers who are encouraging as police dog breeds are given the best diet and training.

One thing about boxers as police breeds is appraising a lot. In the olden days, during wars, they were a medium to transport communication. Wires were attached to their collars with spools. They have always been loyal and did their jobs religiously. And all this reason makes them one of the top police dogs breeds to date. Other than their genetic problems that can be overcome, they are the best.


Bloodhound: Police Dog Breeds

Bloodhounds were initially known as hunting dogs that were later adapted as police breeds because of their incredible sense of smell and tracking senses. The fact is that they are one of the first breeds who are encouraged as police dogs. They are very well known and sincere with their duties. The powers and abilities they have and had in the past make them one of the finest police dog breeds.

Though in the current era, they do not acknowledge much. Even after failing to fulfill the police breed requirements, they are still counted in the top 5 of the list. The ranking of dog breeds justifies all the good in them. Policing is not an easy or a small task. Bloodhounds being the first dog breeds had gone through a lot of experiments.

Training and diet have no compromise for bloodhounds as a police dog breed. As a particular breed, they are good with their smelling and tracking senses and abilities. Thus, they are encouraged when finding someone is missing or when finding a killer.

American Pitbull Terrier

American Pitbull Terrier: Police Dog Breeds

American pitbull terriers are new as police dog breeds. They are well known as fighting dogs. They are working dogs, and that is what makes them capable of being a police dog breed. Only a few of the enforcement departments have started adapting them as police dogs. According to the research and the data collect by breeders, they are managing to do well.

Being new in this field, their training is done to an extent to be perfect in their jobs. Right from daily workout to intense training in the woods, everything is considered.  Being fighting dogs, they need to adopt the changes. Their diet is change, practice and training are different. Their grooming needs are different. Every month they need a proper checkup to record the body adoptions.

In short, even though being new, the investment is worth it. American Pitbull Terriers are count among the top best police dog breeds.


Beagle: Police Dog Breeds

Don’t go on the looks. They are very destructive and sharp as police dog breeds. Yes! This little breed is one of the finest police dogs. Beagles were initially gun dogs, who were later adopted as police dog breeds. Their small height and healthy weight make them a perfect policing dog. No matter how cute and sweet they look, they are very loyal to their duties.

Beagles are very good and active with their five senses, and thus, they are count in the fines of K-9 police officers. They are working in harbors and airports to find out any illegal substances entering the country. They are praise and encourage a lot in the narcotics departments.

One of the best benefits of using beagles is access to any area. Being small in size, they can enter any small area and can hide easily. Thus, they are very much encouraged by police and enforcement departments.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd: Police Dog Breeds

German shepherd needs no description. Almost 90% of people know and admire them as the most popular police dog breeds. One of the top-ranked in the list according to K-9 officers. They are so popular and famous as the best police dog breed that they sometimes forget their breed name. And yes, this is the reality.

For years now, they are admired and train and police dogs. Right from physique to their mental alertness, they are taught a lot. You need not worry about the case when they are on duty. There are no such complaints that they were unable to solve the issue. German Shepherds are very fast, active, alert, and conscious when they are on duty.

And the only reason for them being so famous as police dog breeds is just because of their training. They have been training like this for ages now. This is the only one police dog breed that has never fail. Their loyalty and dedication towards their duties make them the best of all.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever: Police Dog Breeds

Labrador Retrievers are known and famous as bomb and narcotic escorts. Their smelling sense is very good. In any case, which needs help, retrievers are the first to be recommended. They are very fast and alert when performing duties. This capable nature makes them an admiring police dog breed.

In the olden days, Retrievers were famous for gun dogs. Later, when the enforcement department notices the abilities of this breed, they adopt them. Adopting police dog breeds is done base on their smartness, accuracy, alertness, and activeness. Labrador retriever manages to fulfill all these qualities that make them the most popular police dog breed.

Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer: Police Dog Breeds

The nature of aggressiveness and spontaneous response makes them the perfect fit for being a police dog breed. They are very active and healthy to be police dogs. No matter how intense their training is, they are very loyal and dedicate.

Giant Schnauzer is very suspicious and good at noticing dogs. This quality of theirs makes them a perfect policing dog. No matter who you are, if they find you new, they will go wild. The suspicion in them helps police to find the culprits easily. Giant Schnauzer notices every single thing in detail and reverts backs accordingly.

In the olden days, they were using to find or hunt. Just because of their excellent and active senses, they were famous for hunting dogs.

Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier: Police Dog Breeds

I am pretty sure you must have seen them in most of the movies. They are very famous as dog breeds. Airedale Terriers are the kings of terries. Terriers are known as fighting dogs, and this one is the king of all. They are good and active as patrolling dogs.

Just because they are good with their smelling sense, they are encouraging. However, they are not that familiar as the other police dog breeds. Yet, they are loyal and responsible when it comes to performing tasks and actions. Never disappointing in nature and always active.

Airedale no longer works as police dogs. Still, if they are on the field, they give their best to perform tasks and help the team and department solve the cases.

Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd: Police Dog Breeds

Dutch Shepherds are not famous and well known as the other police dog breeds, but they are one. They are one of the most familiar K-9 officers serving their country in finding the crime culprits. They are very active, fast, spontaneous, and suspicious.

Training and diet are rigorous for this police dog breed. They tend to get weak soon if not taken care of properly. Thus this is one of the reasons they are not familiar with other species.

Initially, they were used as hunting dogs. They are very fast and responsive. They could easily sense the prime suspect within minutes. Their consciousness is very good, and that is what makes them a perfect fit.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher: police dog breeds

One of the best police dog breeds all around the world. The suspicious nature of the breed makes it the best fit. Doberman is very active and repulsive, and this makes them a good choice. They do not need intense training. This breed happens to be a serving and working breed. They are born to be police dogs.

They are given the best training in this field. One of the top police dog breeds who are very famous. Right from their healthy diet to their training, everything is taken care of. No matter who the breeder is, this breed is prevalent.

They are very courageous, intelligent, active, and ready to attack. All these features make them willing and complete to be the most popular police dog breed.

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois: police dog breeds

Very famous and regular as K-9 officers. They are smaller in size than German Shepherd, yet more active and encourage as policing breeds. They have a strict training session and regular practice. No matter what the situation is, they are ready to work and help the department.

Even today, they are very popular and admire by the enforcement department. They work for the crime department to catch hold of the prime suspect. And there has been no such case where they have failed as a police dog breed.

Why Are Dogs Used for Policing?

Have you ever wonder why DOGs are using as policing? Just give it a thought. Dogs are very active animals who are suspicious too. They are outstanding and spontaneous with their senses. This is one of the reasons police and enforcement departments rely on dogs to solve cases.

To know better, here is the reason why they are encouraged as police dog breeds.

  • Active and spontaneous nature makes them capable of being a dog breed.
  • They have a perfect sense that makes them alert about their surroundings.
  • Suspicious nature to ponder on.
  • Loyal in serving their duties.

This was a short description of why they are admired and encourage as police dog breeds.


This was all about police dog breeds. Though there are a lot of things, you can know more about them. Police dog breeds are very active and repulsive. They get all the necessary training and need to work hard. We feel this is easy for them as an animal, but no! They are the best working beings, to be honest. Loyalty and dedication to their work are very impressive.

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