Indian Pariah Dogs

Present-day dogs serve as home pets, agricultural laborers, service animals, and are a vital part of human civilization in a variety of capacities. However, certain species, known as pariah dogs, have remained wild for most of human history. The Indian pariah dog breed is also known as the native Indian dog or the Desi Breed, and it is a dog breed native to India. Many dog specialists and lovers refer to them as INDogs. These dogs, contrary to all other exotic dog breeds in India, make wonderful pets or guard dogs.

The term “Pariah” refers to an outcast,  it also refers to someone who is hated and ignored – a more misfitting mockery could not have been imagined.The inception of this breed is buried in mystery; no one knows when this breed first appeared on the scene, but they have been a constant presence in Indian villages and towns since the dawn of time.

As a matter of fact, historical records indicate that the Indian Pariah dog breed has been in India since the Neolithic period. This is one of the most ancient and intelligent breeds that have ever existed on Indian soil.

Below you will find a list of some of the reasons why the sometimes overlooked Indie dogs are a wonderful addition to your family as the finest human companion. Being Climate-Adaptive

Indian Pariah Dog Breed

In contrast to other dog breeds, the Indian Pariah dog breed is a naturally formed breed that has been created by natural selection. They are used to tropical temperatures due to the fact that they originated in India and have lived there for hundreds of years. As a result, they are more adapted to the Indian environment and are more likely to survive than other breeds.

The fact that indies are local breeds means that they are more adapted to our climate, that they do not get infections as readily, and that they are less susceptible to the different chronic maladies that strike imported breeds. The annual vaccine visit would be the only time most Indies would see the veterinarian.

Quick Learners

This breed adapts well to new environments, and according to the experiences of various individuals, they are also simpler to train. The pups learn to socialize with other canines more effectively when they are surrounded by their littermates.

When they are young, their mother instilled in them life skills such as how to forage for food, avoid danger, and maintain hygiene. Nipping, biting, and leaping are all disallowed and growled at by the mother. As a result, there will be no need for “puppy socialization programs’’ or “behavioral training” in the future.

Tremendous Immunity

Indie dogs have a considerably higher degree of immunity, and they have what may be the greatest gene pool for Indian circumstances. The Indian Pariah dog breed is considered to be one of the healthiest canine breeds in the world. Their health is not at risk for any particular medical concerns.

Because Indie dogs have not been bred in hundreds of years, they are in better health than other breeds. It’s a sturdy breed that doesn’t suffer from many of the health problems that may be seen in poorly-bred pedigree dogs, so buying one of these dogs will keep your medical expenditures to a bare minimum.

Maintenance Is Quite Minimal

Maintenance Is Quite Minimal for Indian Pariah Dog Breed

In the natural world, indies need little upkeep. Due to the fact that they have a short coarse coat, they shed little to no fur in the vicinity of their dwelling space. Bathing them once a month and combing them once a week is sufficient to maintain their coat in excellent shape.

Grooming these dogs is a snap since they have a short coat that is suitable for the hot tropical environment and they have no body odor. The added perk is that they routinely cut their nails and scrub the bottoms of their feet.

Alert and Intelligent at All Times

They’re one of the most active and dynamic dogs breeds you’ll find in India, and they’re also very intelligent and friendly. Indies, being a naturally formed dog breed, are great guard dogs, barking up a storm if they see something unusual. Indie dogs have evolved significantly as a result of their experiences on the streets. They are very watchful, and they are quite literally quick-witted.

Despite the fact that they are a territorial breed and may react aggressively to unfamiliar dogs or humans as adults, socialization helps them maintain their composure.

Loving and Sensitive 

Loving and Sensitive  Indian Pariah Dog Breed

Traditionally, indies have been recognized for their territorial disposition, which makes them excellent watchdogs.

However, because of their typically joyful and gregarious temperament, they are quite beloved among humans, and they even build a deep sense of loyalty with their family and their owners over time.

Indian Pariah dogs are wonderful family companions since they are kind and patient with both children and adults. They have a lot of energy and are a great complement to youngsters who lead an active lifestyle.

Exceptionally Smart 

In terms of Indian circumstances – from temperature to temperament to training – the Indian Pariah dog is a one-stop solution. They are very intelligent when dealing with real-life situations, a talent that they have acquired from years of living on the tough streets. These dogs are well-versed in their environment, which includes ours, and those that have managed to live on the streets are possibly some of the most intelligent canines.

They are a very adaptable breed that makes good companions in India’s tropical environment. These dogs are skillful, hardy, and well-adapted to the country’s climate.


Dogs from India are very versatile, rapid learners, and fiercely protective of their owners. They are also less likely than their pedigree counterparts to suffer from many of the health and behavioral issues that beset their pedigree cousins.

The greatest thing is that by adopting an Indian dog into your family, you not only save a life, but you also get a lifelong best friend. To top it all off, these canines don’t treat you any differently than they would any other pedigree pup – you’ll receive all the moist licks and tail twirls just like any other pedigree puppy. If you care for an Indie dog, he or she will care for you back in loads.

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