German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: Ultimate Dog Breed Guide

The German shepherd and golden retriever breeds were crossed to create the Golden Shepherd, often known as the Golden Shepherd hybrid.The German shepherd golden retriever mix is a loyal, intelligent, and energetic dog breed and can be a great choice for a family who can accompany him with his exercise, training, or other physical activities.  […]

Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning

Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism Sign

You must’ve heard about how powerful spotting a bird could be. But what is Blue Jay spiritual meaning? Is it something more than just a bird flying in the sky?There are various species in the realm of birds that have a deeper meaning associated with them. One among those is a Blue Jay. The eye-catchy […]

falcon vs hawk

Falcon Vs Hawk: What’s the Difference Between These Birds?

Have you ever seen a bird that looks like a falcon hawk?There are some chances that you may have seen an eagle or falcon, not a hawk. Bitter to hear (read) but true! Yes, you’re not alone; many people get easily confused between falcon hawk eagle.  Only professionals can easily recognize the difference between falcon […]

green cheek conure

Green Cheeked Conure: Get to Know About Them

Many pets we look at and get attracted to. We often feel like bringing one home who can be our companion and we can spend our moments. Parrots are one such kind of bird that can be joyful to live with. Today, we are going to discuss one such species of bird which is amazing […]

African Grey Parrot

A Brief Breed Info on African Grey Parrot – Your Lifetime Companion

When we talk about pets, it isn’t just a dog or cat. It can be any animal that can be domesticate. So here in this article, we are going to talk about one of the exotic pet that is loved by their owners all over the world. We know every owner loves their babies, but […]

How to Train a Parakeet

Know How You Can Train Your Parakeet

The choice of pet is different and not everyone wants to have relatively big pets rather some people love birds. I wonder is there even a single person, who doesn’t like the bird chirps, I guess there is no such person like that. If you would look around then you would find a huge variety […]

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Beautiful Victoria Crowned Pigeon: Important Facts

Having a pet is a matter of choice and different people have different tastes of pets but some people love birds more than anything and if you are among them then you might have come across Victoria Crowned Pigeon and if not then you should watch that bird and you would be please to see […]

Green Cheeked Conure

All You Need To Know About Green Cheeked Conure

The Green Cheeked Conure is a small parrot of the Pyrrhua species which is mostly found in the forests of South America. It is generally of 10 inches or 26 cm and they can weigh up to 60 to 80g. They are mostly green in colour with primarily blue colour wings and having a point […]

Ringneck Dove

All You Need To Know About Ringneck Dove

A Ringneck Dove can make an extraordinary and comfortable pet for those who are searching for a friend winged animal with a nice nature, potential to be hand-subdued and delicacy. In the event that you like the sound of bird calls and cooing, this may be the winged animal for you. This particular Ringneck Dove […]

types of parrots

15+ Different Types of Parrots Around the World

Do you want a smart, quick-learning pet? I present to you a popular bird, the parrot. This bird has an estimate of 398 species. The word “parrot” is often used as a nickname for persons who talk too much or have a tendency to repeat themselves. It is also used to refer to those who […]