All You Need To Know About The Greek Mythological Bird: Real Phoenix Bird

People who love bird sighting often get excited about phoenix birds, real phoenix bird sightings could be a bit adventures because of the fact that this particular bird is very rare and have a connection from Greek Mythology. Unlike other mythological creatures which we can only read in books and can have an assumed picture […]

Love birds breeding

Facts About Love Birds Which You Should Know Before Getting A Pair

There are many types of people in this world and like every person is quite different from the other their pet choice is also different. Not everyone wants to have four legged animals such as dog, cat, horse, rabbit etc some might love those who comes with two legs, one beak, pair of wings as […]

Finch Birds

Finch Birds And Their Fascinating Facts

Finches are a good option for those who want a feathered pet however not ready to require on the challenges of caring for a parrot. Finches don’t speak and area unit passive birds, however, they delight their house owners with their aerial antics and social interactions with each other. Care & Feeding Source – Finches […]

pet birds

Know All The Types Of Pet Birds Before Adopting One

A bird lover always wants a bird that is friendly, well-suited, and gentle. In the name of a bird, the bird lovers look for a companion for themselves. There is no surprise in it, but yes they also browse the internet for adopting the best one. And if, one has no or little information on […]