Flame Point Siameses

Don’t we all love little fur balls playing around in our homes and catching our attention with their little gestures? Cats can lighten up your mood and a Flame Point Siamese cat will offer you a one-of-its-kind pet parent experience.Flame Point Siamese are amongst the most popularly-picked breeds that will steal your heart with their innocence and beauty. They’ll smartly play and try to mingle with you. The best part about a flame point? These demand very little maintenance. These friendly Siamese Flame Point easily blend within a setting with other pets. So in case, you’re already a parent to a pet, you don’t need to worry about your Flame point cat’s enjoyment and mingling around with them.

What Does a Flame Point Siamese Cat look like?

What Does a Flame Point Siamese Cat look like?

Popularly known by the names of Red Point Siamese, Flame Point Siamese, or Flame Point Cat, these are rare cat breeds yet the most fun ones to adopt. A siamese flame point has a cream or white body with a little red pointed nose sitting on the face. The unique appearance of their ears, paws, and tail make them stand out from the rest of the cats.

One of the distinct features of these cats is the dark points on their body with black pigments. Their fur varies from shades of light brown to yellow. Their fur in this region is a tone lighter than the rest of their body. Their innocence is reflected in their blue eyes which is a common characteristic of Siamese cats.

Generally, a Flame Point Siamese weighs about 9-14 pounds and can grow 16-21 inches tall. A Siamese cat’s lifespan is for about 15-20 years during which they’ll give you the best petting experience and fill your daily routine with a touch of quirkiness and joy.

9 Secrets Revealed about a Flame Point Siamese Cat

Planning to go for a Flame Point Siamese cat? Let us introduce you to them and keep you ready on what to expect along this parenting responsibility.

1. Flame Point Siamese Cats Originated in Thailand

Flame Point Siamese Cats Originated in Thailand

The domestic breed of flame point siamese cats originated in Thailand. Different tones can be found in these cats out of which fiery red is the most unique. These were initially bred in the UK and later the experimentation resulted in these pretty Siamese Flame Point.

2. They’re Rare

flame point siamese are Rare

Siamese cats are hard to find as they’re one of the rare breeds. And what makes their identification more challenging is that the tints on their fur appear when they’re old. Thus, you can’t be sure if you’re buying the right breed unless it’s from a trusted breeder.

3. Their Rarity Will Cost You About $400-$2000

The Flame Point Siamese price is a little high, owing to their rarity. Although the price of the cat is dependent on the area you’re buying it through and its age and breeders, an average cost for these cats lie somewhere between $400-$2000. Whenever you’re put to buy these cats, make sure that you’re making the real deal and not settling for a mixed breed at lower prices. Buy it from a retailer with a good reputation and the one that ensures lower cost for these adorable companions.

4. A Companion for 15-20 Years

flame point siamese Companion for 15-20 Years

If you’ve got a flame point siamese, Congratulations! You have a chirpy partner for the next 15-20 years. With proper care and a living environment for these cats, a siamese cat lifespan can extend beyond 15 years.

5. Health Issues with Flame Point Siamese

Health Issues with Flame Point Siamese

Flame point siamese go through various health issues that come from their Siamese parent. The most common issue is Arthritis which is common in other cat breeds as well. Although there’s no danger to their lives, their daily quality of life could be hampered by this problem.

Another issue to look out for is hip dysplasia which can prove to be painful if the condition gets severe. However, this problem can be treated to keep your pet away from the pains. Another health issue with high chances of development in a flame point siamese is Retinal Atrophy. This can eventually make your cat lose its sight.

6. The Vibrancy of a Red Point Siamese

The Vibrancy of a Red Point Siamese

Red Point Siamese are amongst the most beautiful cats with their red nose shining against the white body. The red tints in their fur change their vibrancy over time. For example, while they’re still kittens, the colour will be light but it keeps getting deeper and darker as they grow. The red accent fades during the summer season and shines in the winters.

7. Easy to Groom and Maintain

flame point cat  Easy to Groom and Maintain

What is the one thing that bothers most pet owners? The timely grooming and high maintenance of pets, right?

The good news is that Flame Point Siamese cats will save you from the hustle of regular maintenance and cleaning. They’re short-haired cats that keep you away from high levels of attention and shedding. Bath once a week might make them happier as these cats are hydrophilic and this will also prevent dry skin for them. Apart from this, a daily stroke of the brush is good enough for this breed.

8. A Rolling Energy Ball!

flame point cat A Rolling Energy Ball

Flame point siamese is sure to keep your surprised with their high levels of energy. They’re always ready for the next drill with their energetic nature. The curiosity within these smart cats keeps them on their paws to explore every nook of the house.

As compared to a male flame point cat, females are more active. Although male cats don’t miss out on their exercise sessions, they’re prone to take a nap during the day. However, females are always up for adventure and active playtime.

9. A Chit-Chat Cat!

flame point cat A Chit-Chat Cat!

A little meow here and a little meow there! These flame point siamese cats are sure to fill up your home with their sweet voice as they’re extremely chatty. They have a social personality which is reflected in their playful and talkative nature.

This makes a flame point cat the best companion as you’ll never feel alone with these lovely cats living along with you and trying to converse with you. As Siamese are amongst the most chatty breeds of cats, the smartness of Flame point siamese might convince you to think that maybe they’re talking or asking about how your day went.

A Perfect Companion for You and Your Family!

A Perfect Companion for You and Your Family!

There’s nothing more satisfying than coming back to your favourite fur ball full of energy and chatters. A pet can be a human’s best friend and flame point siamese prove that with their keen curiosity and loyalty towards their owners. The ultimate chatter along with their high energy levels can brighten up even the dullest or most hectic day of your life. The flame point siamese lifespan is 15-20 years


Is a Flame Point Siamese Mean Cat?

Flame point cat doesn’t fall under the category of being the aggressive ones. These are extremely loving and friendly and love playing and getting involved with their owners.

Are Flame Point Smart Cats?

A flame point siamese cat can prove to be extremely clever and smart. They’re quick learners with puzzles and games and this is what keeps them wandering all around the house to keep themselves entertained.

Can I Expect My Flame Point Siamese Cat to Be Loyal and Protective? 

These are one of the most loyal cat breeds. They establish a deep understanding and relationship with their owners and are always there to defend or protect them.

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