Things to Add to Your Guinea Pig’s Cages

Guinea pigs are small in size, yet they need more space due to their physical activities. Thus you need a good cage and some things that can keep them happy. Here, we will tell you some things that can make your guinea pig happy.

A Guinea pig is an adorable pet that can put you in awe of him. When you have such a cute pet, you should put effort into keeping it happy. Buying the best guinea pig cages is the most basic and important thing for keeping them happy. The other necessity is adding things to their cage that can make them happy.

You cannot stay with your guinea pig all the time. Thus, you can add things that keep them happy even when you are not around them.

Here, we will let you know what can keep your guinea pig happy.

Things You Should Add to Guinea Pig’s Cage to Make Them Happy

1. Carefresh 

Carefresh in pig's cage

Carefresh is for the comfort of your guinea pig. It will catch the urine & feces of a guinea pig while being biodegradable.

Even if your pet eats the Carefresh, there won’t be any problem as it is completely safe. Guinea pigs will also love these little things like shredded paper.

2. Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables to Add to Your Guinea Pig’s Cage

Fresh veggies are a favorite food of guinea pigs. These cute animals love fresh foods and eat a lot of fresh vegetables. However, when you are adding the vegetables to the cage, make sure to slice them into tiny pieces. Also, if the pet does not like any particular vegetable, you must eliminate them.

Guinea pigs are known for loving carrots. So, in case you are adding carrots; try making small pieces of them to make them comfortable to eat.

3. A DIY Maze

A DIY Maze to Add to Your Guinea Pig’s Cage

The guinea pigs enjoy playing with the mazes, so you can create a mini-DIY maze using your household materials and add it to the guinea pig’s cage.

Finding paper towel rolls and taping them with safe-to-eat tape is an excellent way to start this project. Avoid using glue because your animal pals may likely chew on their maze.

A maze can also be purchased from a retailer. You have the option to attach the maze to the guinea pigs’ cage to make it bigger. The larger the cage, the more space your pet will have fun.

As we said, these cuties love to play around and keep doing some kind of physical activity. A maze will keep them consumed and strengthen their mind and body.

You can place treats at the end of the maze to motivate your guinea pig to use them. You might include some appealing toys; your pet will adore them and even begin to take pleasure in the maze.

4. Grass Chew Ball Treats

Grass Chew Ball Treats to Add to Your Guinea Pig’s Cage

Everyone loves treats, right? And let us tell you, so does your guinea pig. So, one should add treats to keep your guinea pig happy.

When we talk about guinea pigs, one of the things they enjoy doing is chewing. Moreover, chewing makes teeth sharper. So, one of the best things you must give them is ‘grass chew ball treats’.

Grass ball treats are safe to eat as well as safe to consume. You also have the option to limit the treats to ensure they remain healthy.

5. Paper Bags and Hiding Places

Paper Bags and Hiding Places to Add to Your Guinea Pig’s Cage

Although buying a little bag and gluing it to the cage’s interior is technically possible, making your own is more enjoyable. Based on the size and weight of your guinea pig, fold the paper into a bag that can accommodate it.

Your guinea pig will enjoy jumping in and out of their new hiding place a lot. However, make sure to use just paper; because these little pets love to chew everything. So, if you are using other materials like metal or plastic, it might harm them.


1. How Much Space Does a Guinea Pig Need in Their Cage?

Guinea pigs need at least 7.5 square feet of cage space for one pig. And two or more pigs need at least 10.5 square feet of space.

2. Can I Use Fleece Bedding Instead of Traditional Bedding Materials? 

Yes, fleece bedding can be a good alternative to traditional bedding materials. It is reusable, absorbent, and comfortable for guinea pigs.

3. How Frequently Should I Clean the Cage of My Guinea Pig?

You should spot-clean the cage daily and do a thorough clean every week. This involves removing all the bedding, washing the cage, and replacing the bedding.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we would say that a guinea pig is a very adorable pet.It is important to keep them happy at home, and add some interesting things to your guinea pig’s cage to make them happy.

You can consider the things we have mentioned in the blog as a useful addition to your guinea pig’s cage.

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