Pocket Pitbull Dogs

The pocket pitbull, also known as the miniature pitbull or pocket bully is the compact version of the American pitbull terrier. They are a hybrid of Patterdale terrier and American pitbull or the Staffordshire terrier hence it is also known as Patterdale terrier pitbull. This little breed of dog weighs 11 to 22 pounds with the females weighing a bit less than the males. They have all the desirable traits of an American Pitbull. The pocket pitbull has a height between 12 to 16 inches as they are a teacup breed.

They are known by many other names like Miniature pitbull, Teacup mini pitbull, Pocket bully, Mini pitbull, Micro mini pitbull, Mini pitbull terrier, Pocket-size pitbull, Micro bully pitbull, Patterdale terrier pitbull, and Pocket bully pitbull.

The mini pitbull is a perfect dog for you if you are looking for the amazing qualities of a pitbull but prefer a dog of a smaller size.

Pocket pitbull Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Pocket pitbull

Breed Group: Terrier

Height: Males: 14-16 inches Females: 12-14 inches

Weight: 11-22 pounds

Lifespan: 11-14 years

Coat: Coarse, wiry with a dense undercoat, or sleek and smooth without the undercoat.

Color: Brown, Fawn, Red, Chocolate, Tan, Brindle, Black, and Blue

Temperament: Loyal, Friendly, Confident, Intelligent, and Active

Needs for Grooming: Minimum

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: United States

History and Origin

History and Origin of pocket pitbull

The Mini pitbull terrier or the pocket-size pitbull was bred to combine the best of the two breeds that are the American pitbull and the Patterdale terrier. The breeders aimed for the friendly, active, loyal, and loving traits of an American pitbull in a small size of the Patterdale terrier.

The mini pitbull terrier is a comparatively new breed and hence it is not yet registered by any of the recognized kennel clubs. There is no evidence to trace back the creation of this breed but since the 19th century, they have been purposely bred as there’s a growing interest in this breed.

What Makes Them the Way They Are?

pocket pitbull nature

They are a hybrid of an American pitbull terrier which is a large breed dog weighing approximately 40-60 pounds with their height ranging from 18 to 21 inches and the Patterdale terrier which is a small dog weighing between 11 to 13 pounds with a height between 9 to 15 inches in height.

They get their height from their Patterdale parents. If their height goes above 14 inches, they are considered a normal-sized pitbull. During breeding, the mom is mostly the pitbull and the dad is usually in the form of a Patterdale terrier. They can possibly have a more likeliness to one of the parents.

Their multigenerational breedings must be avoided as it puts them at a higher risk for various genetic issues and thus you must only get them from a reputable breeder.

Temperament of the Teacup Pitbull and Exercise Requirements

Temperament of the Teacup Pitbull and Exercise Requirements

The mini Pitbulls are an extremely loyal and affectionate breed of dogs. They are highly intelligent and friendly which makes them easy to train. These dogs are energetic, active, and confident and thus, require mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy.

The miniature pitbull or the pocket-size Pitbulls tend to take the roll of a pack leader, hence early socialization is necessary. Properly trained mini pitbulls gel with children as well as other pets in the house.

They are energetic dogs which makes them suitable for active families and not the ones following a sedentary lifestyle as not enough stimulation can push them to boredom which ultimately becomes a cause of barking and destruction. They need regular exercise and daily walks to stay happy and healthy.

Patterdale terrier Pitbulls are protective in nature just like their true-bred pitbull parent and thus make good watchdogs and guard dogs. The notion that Pitbulls are an aggressive breed of dog is far from true. They are nothing but loyal and affectionate towards their family.

Sometimes, the Mini pitbull terrier can inherit the prey drive from their Patterdale terrier side. But it can be easily fixed with some training.


Appearance of pocket pitbull

The pocket pitbull puppy takes around 2 to 3 years to mature and usually resembles its pitbull parent but this can differ at times. As the name suggests, they are a breed of small, compact dogs that are muscular with a low, wide chest like the American pitbull.

They have a thick neck with a large head whereas their legs are short and muscular. They are a brachycephalic breed of dogs. It means they belong to the flat-faced category of dogs which may predispose them to certain respiratory issues.

The miniature pitbull has floppy ears that are set wide apart and its tail is thin and of medium length. The coat of these dogs can resemble either of their parents. They either have wiry hair with a dense undercoat like the Patterdale or a short, smooth coat with no undercoats like that of the pitbull. They usually have a short coat.

The coat colour of teacup Pitbulls ranges from red-blue, tan and tan, tan, fawn, black brindle, chocolate, white and seal, and buckskin. They can either have a solid-colored coat or show markings.


The micro bully pitbull usually has a smooth, short coat that requires brushing once a week to get rid of dirt, loose hair, free tangles and increase the blood circulation to the skin. You can bathe them once a month or when you deem it necessary depending on how dirty they get.

Their teeth must brush regularly using a finger brush or a soft bristle brush with dog-friendly pastes to maintain oral hygiene and avoid plaque build-up leading to periodontal diseases. You can also provide dental chews for the same.

Their nails must be trimmed regularly too as overgrowth can lead to pain and abnormal gait.

Common Health Concerns

Common Health Concerns of pitbull

Some of the genetic concerns related to this breed are as follows:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Heart disease
  • Eye problems
  • Skin allergies
  • Obesity

Miniature Pitbull Puppies

Pocket pitbull puppy or miniature pitbull puppies tend to become independent as they grow and hence their training should begin early on. They need a firm hand at training in order for them to not take the alpha position in your family and disobey your commands.

Being an intelligent breed, miniature pitbull puppies are fairly easy to train for obedience. They are also quick to pick up on house-breaking also known as potty training.

A Pocket pitbull puppy must be socialized early on for them to get comfortable around humans as well as other animals. This also helps the miniature pitbull puppies with physical and mental stimulation.

Pocket pitbull puppies are known to be smart and energetic.

Pocket Pitbull Price

Pocket Pitbull Price

Pocket Pitbull price ranges from 1500$ to 2500$ depending on the location, quality of breeding, pedigree, etc. We recommend you always buy from a reputable breeder as they breed carefully to avoid inheritance of genetic issues in the puppy and produce better quality litters.

The pocket pitbull price is pretty high as compared to their parent breeds which are Patterdale terrier and American pitbull. There are very few breeders that breed miniature pitbull puppies and comparatively high demand for these dogs. Know here more about American Bulldog Vs Pitbull Terrier.


These are perfect dogs for people who want a pitbull but do not have enough space for the large variety. This tiny ball of fur is the personality of a large pitbull packed in a small dog. They are so loving and friendly that they fit well with any kind of family.

Before getting a mini pitbull make sure you can meet the basic requirements to keep this baby happy and healthy. They’ll prove to be an amazing addition to your family.

Make sure to check the breed related laws and restrictions in your area before getting a pitbull as pit bulls; as well as dogs related to them, fall under breed-specific laws around many countries in the world.

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